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Admin Application Guidelines

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The following are our guidelines to be used when applying for admin.


  1. You MUST be at least 15 years of age. Lying on an application will get you banned from CGN entirely.
  2. We request that you have at least 24h of playtime on our server.
  3. You must have basic knowledge of our rules.
  4. You must be fluent in English. While we do not discriminate against others' nationality or first language. We do require you to be decently fluent in English, being as we are an English server.
  5. You MUST have your steam account linked to your forum account.


The Review Process

Once your application is under review, there will be a period(up to 5 days) that our staff will vote on your application. A vote from the Board of Executives (Axel, Nikko, Ruler, Surp) will result in 2 points and a vote from the Board of Directors (Brad, Juice, Panda) will result in 1 point. This results in a possible total of 11 points. In order for your application to be accepted, you must achieve at least 6/11 points.


Click here to apply for admin.

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