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  1. TTT Map Suggestions.

    ttt_borders_126500739.gma ttt_bunker_133847491.gma ttt_canalwarehouse_104684367.gma ttt_casino_b2_169342118.gma ttt_castle_2011_v3_day_284613981.gma ttt_catacombs_106560489.gma ttt_chaser_109410344.gma ttt_cloverfield_b4_228507039.gma ttt_community_bowling_131667838.gma ttt_community_pool_118623480.gma ttt_construction_v3_148394206.gma ttt_creepy_111155078.gma ttt_culdesac_b2_110548369.gma ttt_cyberia_a3_144558171.gma ttt_district_a5_186843370.gma ttt_escape_the_island_b7_183683521.gma ttt_ferrostruct_109413056.gma ttt_forest_final_147635981.gma ttt_forgotten_forge_152687451.gma ttt_foundation_a1_135894827.gma ttt_glacier_228041314.gma ttt_gunkanjima_v2_229000479.gma ttt_lost_temple_106527577.gma ttt_lttp_kakariko_118937144.gma ttt_lumos_109414736.gma ttt_main_street_118347159.gma ttt_mars_colony_165249735.gma ttt_metropolis_153600777.gma ttt_nuclear_power_b2_133138700.gma ttt_onesmallshamble_104797349.gma ttt_outpost31_b01_284868352.gma ttt_plaza_b7_137891506.gma ttt_rapture_v3_127235658.gma ttt_richland_108034193.gma ttt_rooftops_lost_288523538.gma ttt_scarisland_b1_185635263.gma ttt_schooldayv2_104685792.gma ttt_ski_resort_a1_163339021.gma ttt_skytower_b1-1_104544633.gma ttt_slender_v3_fix_143546559.gma ttt_stadium_104506140.gma ttt_summermansion_b3_124960079.gma ttt_terrorception_110656185.gma ttt_urban_ruins_106545993.gma ttt_vessel_121935805.gma ttt_waterworld_157420728.gma ttt_westwood_104520719.gma ttt_woodedwidow_149011418.gma
  2. Event Prize Suggestions

    Hey everyone! As the Chief Community Officer I am in charge of the events for our community. I already have a few ideas for some events that may happen in the near future. Since I think it would be fun if everyone enjoyed the events I would like to ask the community members what kind of prizes they would like to win for the events. Please leave any suggestions you may have and I hope you are all looking forward to the upcoming events. =)
  3. Approved Just_Shawn's Admin Application for Breach

    So far I have seen him on the breach server several times and he seems like a person that would make a great contribution to our administration. He is always respectful to all players and he is a fun person to play with. +1
  4. Approved Kraze's Admin Application for

    Thank you for your application! We appreciate anyone that gives their time to help make our community a better place. Congratulations and welcome to our administration team!
  5. Rejected Savager's Admin Application for DarkRP

    Thank you so much for your application. Unfortunately since I have never seen how you act on the server I can not safely say that you will do well as an admin. Please play on the server more and get to know all the staff more and if we see that you would fit well as a staff in our community then we will be happy to add you. Thank you again! -1