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  1. Gmod BREACH MTF Disguise

    Ive gotten alot of positive feedback for this particular suggestion, So while a rule that the MTF must kill every class D, there are the few MTF Vests and Fireproof vests that are located on the server map, this changes the playermodel of the Class D, rendering said D class looking like an ordinary MTF from a distance unless walked close to, players have suggested that the Fireproof Vest and the MTF Vest when equipped, should be used as a disguise to escape the facility (AKA MTF doesnt KOS a Class D wearing the disguise). Im just here suggesting this.. Well suggestion. And seeing if this should be an addition to either our rules, or just ignored altogether. Because almost all the time, the player base would greatly appreciate that addition to the gamemode - Sincerely NavyBaessHoof
  2. The Baess <3

    Name's John but otherwise NavyBaessHoof. Im a member of the The Good Ol' Armed Forces ( Guess which one lol ) Currently stationed in Virginia. I enjoy computer hardware and accessories, basically anything in that sphere. And well. Hope you have a great day. :-p.