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  1. -1 Lied on application according to Axel.
  2. -1 You did not fill out the Total & Active Warnings: section. I approved until you used "erry" in your application telling me you did not take the application that serious.
  3. +1 I do not like having staff under the age of 16 personally however I have seen and heard you are fairly mature and would be willing to give you a shot.
  4. +1 Heard and seen good things.
  5. Frost2929's admin abuse report on Juice

    From just watching Juice he has a very respectable way of doing his administration he respects the rules and will punish people for breaking them without much warning. I personally like this as he does not fight with players he just promotes you to read the rules in future so that action does not have to be taken against you again. In the event you suspect admin abuse please be sure and take screenshots so you have proof of the incidents so we can streamline the process. Thank you.
  6. Great application. I do not believe you will be on 24/7 however, the fact that you are willing to try is more than enough for me. I enjoy when a person does not try to hide from what they have done. The best part is you wrote out the core values of the Air Force. Integrity First. Service Before Self. Excellence in all we do. +1
  7. Starting with age, you are still very young. With age comes many things to include maturity. There are exceptions to every rule, however, unless I know you personally and have spent time talking with you I cannot assume you are one of those exceptions. -1
  8. The reason we halted production was my life was really busy. I am glad to say we are once again starting Development on CoalitionScape. I am the main developer behind the RSPS and am working with the other staff members to bring back up and resume where i left off. Thank you, Surp
  9. Hello I am Benson Hunt. Here I'm known as Surp. You can call me Surp or Hunt. I am an avid gamer who enjoys programming. I am a member of the Armed Forces and am currently stationed in Hawaii (Hints being known as Hunt). I am your Runescape private server developer. If you have any questions I am normally on TeamSpeak in my time off or shoot me a message here on the forums.