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  1. Naw man we too active.

  2. +1 I started without Experience and got used to it down the road sure you can to. You have my vote
  3. Going to try and get some sleep and dream that i'm a mouse trying to get out of a house. But somehow can't cause it's hard for me to fit under some of the door's going to be. #lit :ph34r:


    1. Axel


      You okay? ahaha

    2. Juice


      Always i about to get like 5 hours of sleep before i have to get up again. Got plains to do tomorrow going to be a nice day and all.

  4. +1 As of the couple of times I've played with him nice guy enjoy playing along with him.
  5. +1 Nice person and help new players at the game.
  6. Frost2929's admin abuse report on Juice

    All i can say is read the rules in the future and have a great day. And don't tell admins to do stuff.
  7. Frost2929's admin abuse report on Juice

    Frost2929 was telling me how to do my job, so I basically told him not to tell me what to do, and I gave him a kick. Then he came back and sprayed in the pocket dimension, so I gave him ANOTHER warning. After that, I was trying to check for a rdm as everyone was telling me there was an scp stuck under the elevator so I took care of it. Might not have been quick but I can't be everywhere at once. At the time I was the only admin on. The other time he got slain was because he was on top of the machine which will result in an instant slay, He asked me why, and I told him the rules will tell you.
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