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  1. Bought some of my new PC parts... still a lot more to go...

  2. Having PC issues, saving for a new PC because I bought a bad Cyberpowerpc that won't let me upgrade my cpu cooler or even clean it. I was thinking about getting a new PC anyways so it might be a bit until I play for long periods consistently. :/.

    1. JustAVirus


      Kk. We'll be welcoming you when everything is resolved ^_^ 

  3. Would you rather?

    Depends on the way that im killed, but ill go with killed then revived. Would you rather drink pickle juice with milk and eat a banana after or drink sprite and eat a banana.
  4. New SCPs.

    This sounds great, I like the idea of 096 and 912, but I feel that 912 would make class D even more underpowered so I think 912 should help class D's and researchers but kill MTF, NTF, and CI. This would help balance class D's and would make the class more enjoyable to play. Though CGN may not be able to implement any of these ideas because if the map is not in sync with the gamemode, the whole thing breaks. Once the creator makes Breach compatible with community custom ideas, I would love to see these.
  5. A Few Website Updates.

    I like the upvote and downvote feature, but it can be a bit confusing when the opposite is still displayed up. I think it would make more sense if both were somewhat see-through but when you clicked on one it became opaque.
  6. Spookiest Spook in a Video Game?

    I was playing the new hip My Little Pony game, but I got spooked when a spider crawled out of the wall and made a cute face. AGGGH still freaks me out to this day. No but seriously, I think my scariest moment was when I was playing outlast and I went into the dungeon/basement and some random guy is just waiting for me.
  7. After playing with this new HUD, I'd like to be able to see health and ammo of the person you're spectating, and a change of color to resemble what role they are.
  8. Would you rather?

    If it's you on the island, I'd kill you and eat you, if it's mattayyy I'd look for food with my baby ;). (Call me) Would you rather be trapped in an unbreakable room that is constantly playing "All about that bass" by Meghan Trainor and you will never die, or be chained up to the back of a run down super 8 while a 72 year old homeless man is constantly giving you a lapdance until you go insane.
  9. What's Your Favorite Song At The Moment?

    Everyone loves this song. [Click it]
  10. Where Did This Bug or Exploit Take Place?: Breach Explain What Happened: A SCP 049-2 picked up a famas on the first person view, but does not actually have it, but whenever he attacks the gun shoots but does no damage.