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  1. Playing Horizon Zero Dawn

    1. JustAVirus
    2. Just_Shawn


      Absolutely amazing, I've been playing all week. It's the most fun I've personally had in a video game in a long time.

  2. It's 3AM and I'm bored :/

    1. JustAVirus


      You want a cheesecake OuO

    2. Just_Shawn


      Damnit, now I do ;-;

  3. Event Prize Suggestions

    Resident Evil 7, Steam gift cards, Steam game of choice?
  4. Would you rather?

    Fire, I heard drowning is the most painful death. Would you rather never play vidya ever again, or be a non-essential npc in a violent vidya?
  5. Would you rather?

    The rules are simple, answer the person above you, give a reason, and provide your own would you rather. Would you rather be born without legs, or born without arms?
  6. What's Your Favorite Song At The Moment?

    This is probably my favorite song right now. It's based off of the book The Exorcist.
  7. Server: Breach Age: 21 Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074297219/ SteamID: STEAM_0:1:57015745 Bans on record: Yes, I was banned by Frank so he could test the Appeal A Ban function. Location: United States Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time Experience: I have never been in any high position on any server. Play Time: 2-4 days Total & Active Warnings: None Communications: I have and use teamspeak often. Why should we pick you to be on our staff(minimum 250 characters)?: I really like CGN and I want to be a part of it, I want to help it grow and become much larger. I want to help clean up the servers, I see a lot of people breaking rules during the day when there are no mods on to correct them. I want the servers to be a great happy place where any random can join and have fun playing for hours without feeling disrespected or uncomfortable. I stay home with my two kids all day, so I can keep the game on Spectate all day and catch as much as possible. I just want to see CGN grow. How often can you be active?: Literally anytime.
  8. I'm just Shawn

    Hello everyone Just_Shawn/Shawn321Shawn hear. As you can guess my name is Shawn. I've always enjoyed playing games, but this is my first time as part of a community. I'm originally from Louisiana, grew up with the CEO Axel. I joined the AirForce, they sent me to Idaho and now I'm a stay at home dad of two girls. I'd love to get to know each of you and add many friends to play with. I'm always up for a game of anything, as long as I own the game, or it's decently cheap. I hope to play many games with you guys.