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  1. How to be not active, a guide starring this forumo.O

  2. And that's how history was born.

  3. Would you rather?

    Enlisted my dude. Then I could go fight wars all over time for the luls Would you rather have Half-Life 3 be released RIGHT NOW but with dlc content gates:( OR Half-Life 3 is released when you're old and trash at games for free.
  4. Event Prize Suggestions

    Definitely prizes related to the event where possible. i.e, 'The Fabulous Spookening' would have many horror related prizes.
  5. Spookiest Spook in a Video Game?

    So one time der I was ye? Playin de_Halos and havin a gud tiem. Well den, you kno, i'm following the trail of Captain Keyring to find him and tell him bout de map for da ring. Then I watch dis recordin ding? End cutscene and now der's hyper ninja mutant space zombies tryin' to eat mi brains. Spooked out the first tiem I fought dem
  6. Would you rather?

    Sprite and a banana, it's 7up that kills you to eat a banana afterward Would you rather be stuck in a house with a group of people and one of them (Not you:( ) is a killer, or stuck in a house with a group of people and IM the killer
  7. w0w now I can tell everyone when I feel like making poops :) Thanks Frank

    1. Axel


      Ehh. Better than posting your life story like le Facebook plebs. ;)

  8. Would you rather?

    Rather touch 513. Bonded by the bell, die by the bell. Would you rather be shot in the leg and keep it or have it painlessly removed
  9. Would you rather?

    SCP 049 since I won't feel anything after he finishes with me. Would you rather be Master Chief and mentally impaired, or Doom Guy and physically impaired?
  10. Would you rather?

    Be non-essential npc in violent vidya, because why never play vidya when I can live in vidya. Would you rather feels gud man and be single forever or feels bad man but date whoever you want
  11. New SCPs.

    I feel like there should be a way to incorporate more of the item SCPs, like 034 Obsidian Ritual knife. While naturally it would be rushed down immediately, perhaps there could be a way of balancing it out so it isn't simply first come first served.
  12. Server: Breach Age: 20 Bans on record: 0 bans Location: Fountain, CO Time Zone: Mountain Experience: Super admin experience: 2 years, regular admin experience: 1 and a half years, moderation experience: 1 year. Server owner, feels gud man professional Play Time: 12-24 hours Total & Active Warnings: Communications: I own a microphone. I do not have teamspeak but will download it asap. Why should we pick you to be on our staff(minimum 250 characters)?: This is a good server but you need someone who can see that each situation isn't black and white. With the coming of a TTT server and Breach being similar in some aspects, you'll need staffers who will be able to assess each situation beyond just "X killed X" as we all know nothing black and white with the exception of situations like a Researcher kills a Researcher with no monsters around, etc. Gotta have someone who's seen every situation in the play book. How often can you be active?: All night erry night