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  1. Should be on more now ;)

  2. Would you rather?

    Shy Guy...just have someone look at him during a containment breach and then I can run the hell away. Would you rather bungee jump off a cliff or off of a bridge?
  3. Well there hasn't been a thread in a while...might as well Anyways, I believe the title is self explanatory so feel free to mention. I personally have vacationed to around 11 countries. Now you're turn
  4. Worked the whole day on a project...hello back pain...



      lol don't worry. 

  5. Color: Purple (just...all purple) Text: The Anime Cheesecake
  6. So I'm loving this song currently... Gallows - Rolling With the Punches



      Goes along with Breach lol. Makes everything a Adrenaline RUSH. LOL

  7. Would you rather?

    Released when I'm old and trash...I'll force my grandchildren to play it and watch them >=) Would you rather be transported to a world without prosciutto or without spam (the food)?
  8. Event Prize Suggestions

    I agree with the latter two suggestions. I don't think a set game is the best idea personally since then it may limit people who want the prize
  9. Would you rather?

    Stuck in a house with a group if people one of them is a killer. Maybe we can have a murder mystery Would you rather have Garry's Mod not exist or another game you really enjoy not exist?
  10. Would you rather?

    Lapdance...nothing is worse than Meghan Trainor would you rather be constantly killed and then revived at 2 minute intervals. Or feel a sharp pain in your head and gall bladder every at 1 minute intervals
  11. What's Your Favorite Song At The Moment?

    Just a little change, but my opinions changed to this song.
  12. Would you rather?

    I'd rather be making history in this universe during this time period. As much as I'd love to visit other universes I feel like it would work better to focus on the one I was born in first. If you were stranded on a small (not like extremely small but still small) island with a few other people, would you rather search for food or take the easy route and cannibalize someone? Both of these taking place around say a month in.
  13. [BREACH] Changelog [Updated Feb. 27, 2017

    And now no bell music will be made (for now). Anyways, interested to see the new HUD and I look forward to the SCPs being fixed