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Breach MOTD
 The server restarts every 6 hours at 12 & 6 AM/PM PST  

  1. Class D Personell (Prisoner)
    • Most Common Role
    • You must escape the facility.
    • You start with nothing. You must search around the facility for keykards to get closer to the surface.
    • You can be peaceful to others, but SCPs, MTFs, and Researchers will try to kill you if it benefits them.
    • There are spies in the MTF, called Chaos Insurgents, their objective is to find you and escort you to the surface.

  2. MTF Commander and Guards
    • MTF Commander must give orders to the guards.
    • MTF Guards MUST obey the commander's orders
    • Must kill or detain every class D they see.
    • Must locate and escort researchers to the surface.
    • Can kill SCPs, but it is not an objective.

  3. Chaos Insurgency
    • You must kill all MTF and researchers.
    • Your goal is to free Class Ds and unleash the SCPs on the world.
    • You may harm SCPs but refrain from dealing lethal damage.
    • You can choose to be loud, with guns blazing, or be discrete.

  4. Researchers
    • You must escape the facility.
    • Unlike Class D, you start with some type of clearance
    • You may kill Class Ds and SCPs, but your only goal is to escape.

  5. SCPs (Experiments)
    • SCP-173
      • When someone is looking at you, you cannot move.
      • Click Right Mouse to blind all around you.
    • SCP-106
      • When you attack someone, they will be teleported to the pocket dimension.
      • They may escape from here, but it is rather difficult
    • SCP-049
      • When you attack someone, they will become SCP-049-2
      • As SCP-049-2, They will be zombies that infect other humans
    • SCP-457
      • You are always burning, if you are close enough to a human you will burn them.
      • 457 is most powerful when attacking a group of people, or near elevators.
    • You have ONE goal... KILL ALL HUMANS.
  1. Keycards
    • Needed to open certain doors.
    • Can be clearence levels 1-5, or omni, which is a master card.
  2. SNAV-300
    • A navigation tool that provides you with a top-down view of the area you are in.
  3. SNAV Ultimate
    • A navigation tool that can help find items and enemies.
  4. Radio
    • Can be tuned to different channels, when held your voice will be broadcast globally to others using the same channel.
  5. Crowbar
    • Melee weapon that can destroy windows or fend off enemies.
  6. Eyedrops
    • Useful only vs SCP-173, cause you to stop blinking for 5 seconds.
  7. Medkit
    • Left click to heal yourself; right click to heal others.
  8. Armor
    • Armor provides 15% damage reduction
    • Fireproof armor is different, it reduces damage from fire by 25%.