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Breach Rules & Commands
We dont really have many, so please read them.

A) General Server Rules

  1. Disrespect of your fellow players is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  2. Harassment of any players is unacceptable and will never be tolerated. Harassment can lead to a permanent ban from the server depending on the details of the offense.
  3. Trolling is defined here as deliberately antagonizing your fellow players using any means. It is strictly prohibited.
  4. Hacking/Exploiting will be swiftly met with a permanent ban with no exceptions. This includes pixel-walking on top of signs and small ledges such as the "Heavy Containment Zone" sign on top of doors.
  5. Mic spam is holding your mic down for an extended amount of time while sound plays through to people around you consistently. If you are asked to stop at any point, you must stop. Mic and chat spam are both prohibited.
  6. Admin Impersonation is prohibited and punishable for up to a 1 month ban.
  7. Evading Punishment can and will at least DOUBLE your punishment. If an admin tries to speak to you about a rule you have broken, you will be automatically banned for twice as long if you decide to leave.
  8. Advertising other servers or communities is not allowed. You can talk about them casually, but we prefer that you not encourage people to leave our server for another.
  9. Any form of racism or prejudice against any person will be swiftly met with a permanent ban. Please understand that this is taken very seriously.
  10. No Racist, Pornographic, 18+ sprays, or other inapppropriate sprays.
  11. DO NOT GHOST. We have ways of seeing this.

Gamemode Specific Rules
  1. Do not camp rooms for extended periods of time.
  2. No jumping onto and camping the top of SCP-914 or other hard-to-reach places. This prevents the game from flowing.
  3. AFKs will be kicked. If you must go for a little while, please use !spec.
  4. Teaming between SCPs and humans is NOT allowed.
  5. If you get sent to the pocket dimension and do not make it out, you must take the plunge or risk being slain.
  6. Using sprays to track Pocket dimension exits is prohibited. We dont want to have to disable sprays.
  7. Do not spam the elevator button.
  8. DO NOT Random Deathmatch(RDM) - RDM in breach is defined as killing someone belonging to a faction you should be allied with, (Researchers & MTFs/Class D's & Chaos Insurgency).

Warning System
[The following occurs based on warning number]
  • 1 - Just a regular warning.
  • 2 - Kicks the troublemaker.
  • 3 - Bans the troublemaker for 1 day.
  • 4 - Bans the troublemaker for 3 days.
  • 5 - Bans the troublemaker indefinitely.
[Rules are subject to change at the discretion of a super admin or staff member.]

[Console Commands]
  • br_spectate - Switches between player & spectator mode.
  • br_requestgatea - Requests opening of Gate A for MTF/CI.
  • br_requestescort - Requests escort arrival for MTF/CI.
[Admin Chat Commands]
  • !warnings - Opens a list of all connected users. Clicking a username will display their current warnings/reasons.
  • !logs - Opens detailed logs of the server. You will mostly be utilizing the 'Player Kills' section. Upon selecting an event, the Full Log for the event will be displayed, clicking the involved tab will display their playermodel. These arent to be taken 100% correctly due to guard vest changing playermodels. They are only meant to be a small guide.
  • !warn - Issues a warning to a player. Warnings are to only be issued for unfair gameplay/severe disrespect (RDM, Spraying in pocket dimension, Racism, etc.) AFKs are to be kicked.